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Impacted wisdom teeth normally go one of only two ways: they’re no concern at all or they’re a big concern. How will it turn out for you? While we hope that they’re no concern, we want to do all we can to prevent them from becoming a problem for you in the future. Here’s a tiny bit of information about how we pull impacted wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth are impacted, our highly skilled dentist will make an opening on the gum flap covering the chompers and detach the teeth in pieces to keep the number of bone removed to a minimum. Once the removal procedure is complete, you may detect some swelling and tenderness in the neck and face: do not worry, this is common and should be expected. Our doctor might suggest using an ice pack or some painkillers to hamper the pain and soothe your aching face and oral cavity, in addition to whatever other patches may also be swollen. If the swelling does not subside after some days, please get in contact with us.

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