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Injuries, accidents and emergencies can happen to your mouth just like any other part of the body. If a dental emergency strikes your household, it’s important to act fast yet keep calm. Getting something stuck in your gums or between your teeth can cause anxiety and even pain.

Most of the time simple things like popcorn hulls, tough meat fibers, seeds and fruit peels can be removed with some simple flossing. On a clinical level there is no difference between unwaxed and waxed floss. However waxed floss can sometimes slide between teeth and around objects easier than unwaxed.

Be gentle when slipping the floss between your teeth or around the object. Avoid snapping it into place as this can injure the gum tissue. A water floss or dental fountain can also help remove debris.

You should avoid using sharp or pointed objects to try to remove the object. The last thing you want to do is injure the gums and exacerbate the problem.

Sometimes even your best efforts can fail to remove the object. If you need advice or need our help to safely remove the object, please feel free to call us at 828-322-6731 to schedule an appointment.