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If you have invested in a dental crown, you will want to make sure to protect your investment in your healthy smile by taking excellent care of it just as you would your own pearly whites. With the proper care and maintenance, your crown can last a lifetime. While the materials in the crown are not susceptible to dental decay like your natural teeth, you will want to care for them as though they were, especially to preserve gum health.

When you eat food miniscule bits of food particles and bacteria in the mouth can form into a sticky film known as plaque. Plaque can harden over time into tartar, which leads to gum disease and inflammation around the gum line. You will want to stop this in its tracks in its earliest stages of development.

Once your gums become inflamed because of tartar formation, the gum tissue will eventually recede from the tooth. This allows pockets of gum tissue to become exposed and bacteria to infect the gums around the root of the tooth. Given enough time this can cause the bone material in the jaw holding the crown in place to be lost.

Once you succumb to the bacterial ravages of tartar, it can work its way into the microscopic gap where the crown is cemented to the abutment. The result may be the crown falling out because of the decay of the abutment teeth.

Protecting the color of your dental crown is another consideration. As your crown is constructed from porcelain-ceramic to mimic the texture and look of natural tooth enamel, it is meant to blend in with your surrounding teeth. If you are a tobacco user, or enjoy drinking dark beverages frequently, your teeth can become stained and no longer match the color and tone of the crown beside them.

Take the time to care for your crown, teeth and gums by brushing and flossing at least twice a day and keep your scheduled dental cleanings twice a year to remove tartar. If you care for your pearly whites they will serve you confidently for years of smiles!

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