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If you have a cavity on a tooth that is easily seen by others, you can choose to repair the tooth with a composite (tooth-colored) dental filling. Our team would be happy to help you determine if receiving a tooth-colored dental filling is the right solution for your smile.

Composite dental fillings are created from a combination of acrylic resin and powdered glass, and while the most important benefit of these fillings is that they bond well to the tooth enamel, many patients prefer them due to their ability to blend in with the rest of the tooth and look discreet.

One the tooth decay has been removed, our dentist and team place the composite filling in layers, using a special light to cure each layer at a time–which causes the process to take longer than it would for other fillings. Finally, we polish the filling for a natural appearance and to make it stain resistant.

Keep in mind that you tooth-colored dental filling is typically not as durable as other types of dental fillings, and may only be recommended for small cavities on front teeth that aren’t used in chewing. The composite can also stain over time if you consume dark-colored drinks and food. At each dental visit, we can assess the quality of your filling to ensure it doesn’t need replacing, and we encourage you to do your part by brushing and flossing every day.

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