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Are you familiar with the symptoms of gum disease? Gum disease often arises due to issues with your oral health and causes infections in your gum tissue. If you have gum disease, it can progress over many years and slowly destroy your teeth and your gums. Thus, it is important that any stage of gum disease receives treatment as soon as it is found. To help detect the presence of gum disease, always look for common symptoms.

One of the basic symptoms of gum disease is the development of additional oral ailments. This includes signs of uncharacteristic swelling or inflammation in your mouth. Also, if you have excessive swelling of your gums, or if they look extremely sore or are tender, it could be a result of gum disease. Gums that bleed while eating or while trying to clean them is also a tell-tale sign of gum disease.

In many instances, tooth recession is a clear indication of gum disease. Gum recession refers to cases where the gum tissue is pulling away from the teeth, exposing a greater surface area of a tooth, including the roots. If a tooth looks excessively long and is loose or out of position, it may be the result of gum disease. The presence of pus or sores between your gums and teeth is also another known indication.

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