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Have you ever heard of sedation dentistry? If you suffer from dental anxiety, which is a condition in which you are afraid of visiting your dentist or receiving oral health care treatments, sedation dentistry can prove to be extremely effective. Furthermore, sedation dentistry is used to help calm and relax patients that must undergo deep oral health care treatment. Levels of sedation can range from mild relaxants to a deep sleep. Here are some examples:

– For a fast-acting sedative, intravenous moderate sedation is often applied. This is a version in which sedatives are injected directly into a patient’s bloodstream. It can be adjusted for the desired level of sedation.

– Deep sedation and general anesthesia are given for complex procedures that need to be done. If an individual requires surgical treatments, they often need to be placed into a state of unconsciousness. This can be accomplished with anesthesia, from which they will not wake up until the sedative has completely worn off.

– If you’re looking for an oral sedation method, pills can be given at varying degrees of effect. However, oral sedatives must be given up to an hour before your oral health care procedures can be administered as it does take a while to take effect.

– For the mildest version of sedatives, a gas sedative in the form of inhaled minimum sedation can be effective. Nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas, is placed into a mask from which a patient will breathe through. This form is the only procedure in which an individual is safe to drive themselves home after the treatment.

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