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Gum disease is one of the biggest problems that a person can face when it comes to oral health. Gum disease can result in a person losing teeth or even developing throat cancer or heart disease. Yes, gum disease is a scary issue, but it’s also one of the most easily preventable diseases facing adults in America.

Daily flossing is the best and simplest form of gum disease prevention.

Gum disease originates with gingivitis. People with gingivitis notice that their gums bleed easily during regular brushing and flossing. They have red and inflamed gums as well as chronic bad breath.

Flossing the teeth to eliminate plaque and food particles helps prevent hard tartar from forming.

Flossing involves more than simply moving the string in between the teeth. The best way to floss is to tie the loose ends of the floss around your middle fingers and then grip them with your thumb and forefinger. This will allow you to form a U shape around the teeth with the floss. Gently do this while sliding the floss down to the gumline, and don’t forget to floss behind your back teeth as well.

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