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Caring for your teeth and gums includes caring for your face and jaw as well. If for any reason your jaw bone is ever damaged, the effects will linger in your mouth and severely inhibit your entire smile. Your jaw is essential for numerous factors including speaking, chewing, and eating properly.  If for any reason the temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are ever damaged, your smile will suffer. The TMJs are ball-and-socket joints in your jaw that facilitate all of the functions required of it. Information regarding TMJ disorders includes the following:

– If you struggle with any pain associated with TMJ disorders, you may want to use heat and ice packs. Whereas heat packs are effective for minimizing pain, ice packs can be used to minimize inflammation.

– To help you with any pain associated with a TMJ disorder, consider using meditative techniques and practices. This includes yoga, calming music, and biofeedback, as they are all excellent stress relievers.

– Avoid eating hard or extremely chewy foods when you are suffering from a TMJ disorder. Instead, eat soft foods.

– To help strengthen your jaw, practice exercises designed to do so.

– Visit your dentist for TMJ disorder treatments in the form of night guards and bite plates.

– Be aware that numerous causes exist for TMJ disorders including bruxism, bad habits in your lifestyle, nail biting, chewing gum, arthritis, and even issues when teeth in your jaw are out of alignment.

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