Sedation dentistry is useful for patients who are nervous or anxious and who need to be eased through their dental appointment. Dr. John McAllister is happy to provide sedation dentistry in Hickory, North Carolina, to help you get through with your appointment while feeling comfortable and calm.

At McAllister Dentistry, we offer oral and nitrous oxide sedation. Oral sedation is in the form of a pill, and you will take the pill an hour prior to your visit. This has the same effects as Valium and helps you relax and stay calm. It will make you feel a little drowsy and groggy, but you will still stay awake throughout the procedure. If you do indeed fall asleep, we will have no problem waking you up with a gentle shake. To have oral sedation, patients must have a driver and caregiver drive them to and from the dental appointment and stay with them during recovery.

Nitrous oxide sedation is also known as laughing gas. It is generally inhaled through the nose when your dentist places a small mask over your face. Once the mask is placed and the sedative begins to release into the air, your dentist will ask you to deeply inhale for a few minutes. This will help you relax and you might also feel a little tingly. The dentist will be able to control the amount of sedation you receive, and the effects will wear off quickly.

For more information on how you can relax at the dental office, please call now and talk to a member of our team!