Many people have jaw problems, and Dr. John McAllister is happy to offer occlusion services in Hickory, North Carolina, to help in any way possible!

Having a jaw that is misaligned can cause many problems, like headaches, jaw aches, and discomfort. It can also prevent your ability to properly chew and speak. Our team at McAllister Dentistry wants you to have the best dental health possible, and we can do so by adjusting your bite and treating any jaw issues. Some people have unequal jaw growth, which can be fixed with braces or other orthodontic appliances. If it is needed, surgery can be performed to move the jaws into a balanced, healthy, and functional position. Some also need occlusion services to improve the fit of dentures. This can correct irregularities in the jaw and allow the dentures to fit snugly in the mouth. Another way our occlusion services can benefit our patients is by treating temporomandibular joint disorders. This can eliminate any popping or clicking you might have in your jaw when you open and close your mouth.

If you are currently having troubles with your jaw, please feel free to call our office and set up an appointment. Your dentist will evaluate your situation and decide which service is best for you.