Sometimes a decayed tooth can be fixed with an inlay or onlay, which fits onto the tooth and covers one or more surfaces. This restoration is more conservative than a crown as less tooth structure is removed when preparing the tooth, and the end result is a repair that looks like a natural tooth.

Our team at McAllister Dentistry is happy to offer dental inlays and onlays to give you the strength and stability you are looking for. While both inlays and onlays are used to repair damaged or decayed teeth, they are slightly different. Our dentist may recommend a dental inlay in Hickory, North Carolina, if the decay is contained on the chewing surface of the tooth and does not extend to the cusps (the raised points of the tooth). On the other hand, a dental onlay is used when one or more of the cusps are also damaged. At our office, we offer porcelain inlays and onlays, which give you natural-looking, beautiful results that improve your appearance and restore your smile.

The process of installing inlays and onlays can typically be completed within two visits to our dental office. The first visit will involve Dr. John McAllister making an impression of your tooth and sending it to a dental laboratory so your restoration can be custom made for you. Once your inlay or onlay is created, you will come back to our office and our dentist will permanently place the inlay or onlay in the proper position.

To learn more, we welcome you to call our office now and set up an appointment!