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If you are unaware of your oral health situation, visit your dentist for a comprehensive oral exam. With the help of our dentist, we can analyze your oral health and determine which aspects of your life can be adjusted and modified to give you a better smile. Even simple fixes in your life like adjusting your cleaning routines or your dietary choices can lower your risks for poor oral health. If you’re willing to take the time to adjust any unhealthy lifestyle habits, the chance for your smile to shine can be yours once again.

Are you aware of the effect that bad habits have on your life? Bad habits typically consist of vices that may feel good at the time but lead to severe downturns in your health. Furthermore, some may not be anything that you had intended to do, but you’re simply addicted to them. This can include smoking or chewing tobacco or using drugs. To keep your smile safe, avoid these habits whenever possible and look for alternative means of lowering your stress to give you the satisfaction that you desire.

Your oral health is often heavily influenced by your diet. If you are eating unhealthy products, they will begin to affect your teeth and gums. This can include sugars and sweets, which are known to cause dental erosion. However, starchy products can also do the same. This is because starches, just like sugars, can be converted into harmful acid in your mouth capable of eating through your tooth enamel. To protect your smile, exercise caution with your diet.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. John McAllister and our team at our office in Hickory, North Carolina, we can make sure your smile receives the care it needs. For an oral health assessment at McAllister Dentistry, call us at 828-322-6731.