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You might be interested in exploring your cosmetic restoration options if one or more teeth in your smile has been chipped, fractured or has developed an alignment problem. Dental veneers can be an effective solution for some people with an imperfect smile. However, if one or more teeth have extensive damage in the enamel or past dental work your dentist might recommend having the tooth restored with a crown.

A crown essentially replaces the enamel layer with an artificial tooth made from gold, base metals or porcelain. In most cases a tooth in your smile will be replaced by a porcelain crown or a durable porcelain fused to metal.

Two separate appointments are required to mount a crown. The first appointment begins with your dentist examining the tooth and taking a few x-rays to make sure the dentin layer and root are strong and health. Next they remove the majority of the enamel around the dentin layer of to create an abutment that will eventually anchor the new crown in place.

The dentist will then make an impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth. This is sent to a dental lab where your new permanent crown is made. A temporary crown is then cemented over the abutment to protect it.

The second appointment is brief. Your dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement your new permanent crown in place.

If you have a tooth with severely damaged enamel or concerns that you might need a crown, please feel free to call us at 828-322-6731 to schedule an appointment.